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Since Farmers Mutual Telephone first formed Jesup Cablevision, we have regularly added new and exciting channels to the lineup. Now, our digital cable system is capable of reaching every customer in our exchange and allows us the capacity to bring on new customers. The digital system has better quality video, more channels, more reliable service, and crystal clear HD TV. Whether you're into sports, history, news, movies, cartoons, or literally anything else you can think of, we can deliver it to your home.

Basic, PVR (Personal Video Recorder) & HD Rates

Basic Package $69.99/mo - includes 1 FREE set top box with universal remote
PVR Package $74.99/mo. - includes 1 Recording set top box with universal remote
HD Package $10.00/mo
Additional Set Top Box $5.00/mo.

Movie Packages & Rates

HBO Pacakge $14.95/mo.
Cinemax Pacakge $13.50/mo.
Showtime Package $12.95/mo.
Starz/Encore Package $10.50/mo.

Digital Cable Listings

Download the Digital Cable Listing to your desktop.
Download the Digital Cable Movie Listing to your desktop.

Related Resources

Please visit our Resources page for related information.

Technical Support Procedure:

If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please first review the related information located on our Resources page. If you require additional assistance, please click here for our 24/7 Customer Service contact information, including our Customer Assistance Form.

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